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The Amazing OSR Race 2016

Nov29th 2016

Scottsdale, AZ, November 3rd, 2016 — Changing leaves, the smell of cinnamon and cider in the air, and the long-anticipated cooler weather means that the excitement of Fall/Winter is finally upon us. In the world of OSR Physical Therapy, this also means the start of event season. We have parades, volunteer events, and the always anticipated Christmas party to look forward to. Twice a year, typically Spring and Fall, OSR team members come together for an all-company meeting. These meetings are an opportunity to emphasize the company mission, celebrate the OSR culture, and complete training with staff.

This year, the OSR Fall Meeting fell on the morning of November 3rd. We closed the doors to all six of our clinics, and met in our beautiful Scottsdale location, located just above Mountainside Fitness and the Scottsdale Ice Den. As the theme of this meeting was “OSR Values”, staff had the opportunity to participate in a team building activity that highlighted our 9 featured core values: Integrity, Compassion, Family, Humility, Professionalism, Recognition, Community, Results, and Fun. The activity, aptly named “The Amazing OSR Race 2016”, was designed to inspire creativity and comradery between staff members that typically do not work together.

Thank you to all staff members who participated. This is truly a group of extraordinary and highly compassionate individuals, working together to provide exceptional patient care. You can see it in their faces, they #lovewheretheywork.

You cannot achieve excellence if you don’t first value it!