Celebrate National PT Month!

Physical Therapist working with patient on arm and shoulder pain Oct7th 2021

October is National Physical Therapy Month!

We celebrate a lot in October: Halloween, baseball playoffs, and breast cancer awareness. But did you know physical therapy is celebrated too? That’s right—October is National Physical Therapy Month. Though we often take the mobility and flexibility of our bodies for granted, this is the month we raise awareness about the importance of physical therapy. 

Why is NPTM in October?

In the early 1980s, physical therapists had a week-long awareness campaign on body function and mobility during June. Due to schedule conflicts with a nationwide PT conference, Physical Therapy Week moved to October and became a month-long awareness campaign. 

Why Is PT Awareness Important?

Educate Kids and Adults

In October, PT clinics nationwide may host a series of interactive and fun activities for kids and adults. Physical therapists and physical therapy assistants teach simple exercises kids and adults can do to improve mobility. 

 Stretching daily has multiple benefits: 

  • Reduces pain
  • Strengthens muscles 
  • Increases flexibility
  • Maximizes spine health

Encourage Community Health

When communities celebrate physical therapy, it encourages the public to opt for physical exercises, stretches, or deep tissue massages to improve their mobility. 

Establish Healthy Habits 

Physical therapy improves muscle strength, joint mobility, and helps prevent injury. Learning the benefits of physical therapy before you’re injured increases the likelihood of PT being your primary source for rehabilitation.

How do you know you need physical therapy?

Although most people attend rehabilitation clinics before or after surgery, there are other signs that physical therapy is needed:

Successful NPTM Themes 

In the days leading up to October 1, the American Physical Therapy Association debuts a theme for National Physical Therapy Month. 

Memorable themes within the last five years have included:


Implemented the #ChoosePT social media campaign. Empowered the public to take control of their healthcare and use PT to improve mobility. 

2018—Pain Management Without Opioids

Highlighted the benefits of physical therapy for chronic pain relief. Instead of opioids, hands-on rehabilitation focuses on pain reduction through strength training, massage therapy, and more.

2020—Physical Fitness

Promoted ways to stay active during the pandemic. It also discussed the importance of undergoing physical therapy and meeting with certified physical therapists.

These nationwide PT campaigns are successful because they address real issues impacting millions of Americans. Chronic pain, poor posture, and sports injuries prevent men, women, and children from living free lives. National Physical Therapy Month hopes to change that, one session at a time. 

Participate In National Physical Therapy Month

Rehabilitating the body is an essential part of health and wellness. Don’t wait until you have an injury to start physical therapy. Stretching, physical activity, and strength training are all components of PT that improve mobility and prevent injury.  

Listed below are additional ways to participate in National Physical Therapy Month: 

  • Thank your local PT and PTAs
  • Look for ways to keep your community active.
  • Like and share NPTA posts and helpful tips on social media.
  • Educate friends and family on the benefits and types of physical therapy. 
  • Share your favorite mobility training activities on social media using  #ChoosePT.
  • Volunteer at a local PT clinic on October 12 for the PT Day of Service.
  • Visit ChoosePT.com and share resources that promote PT awareness

Celebrate With OSR Physical Therapy

October is an exciting time for PTs and PTAs all over the country, especially at OSR Physical Therapy. From nagging injuries to chronic pain, our trained staff will create a plan tailored to your specific ailment. To get started, find an OSR PT clinic near you or book an appointment online. We’re ready to provide the help you need now!