How Effective is Physical Therapy for Chronic Pain?

woman sitting on couch holding neck due to chronic pain Aug5th 2021

What is Chronic Pain Syndrome?

Chronic Pain Syndrome is severe discomfort in your body that lingers for months or years. While acute pain may last anywhere from hours to several weeks before your ailment heals, chronic pain doesn’t go away. The intensity of your pain might subside, but it’ll ultimately return. Common chronic pain areas on the body are the back, knee, and neck. If you’re experiencing any type of chronic pain, there’s a solution for lasting relief – chronic pain physical therapy.

Does Physical Therapy help with Chronic Pain Relief?

Millions of Americans are turning to medication and surgery as options to manage their chronic pain. Constant, debilitating pain can stem from several different issues: car accidents, sports injuries, obesity, and poor posture. Despite these, chronic pain physical therapy could still be your all-encompassing solution. Physical therapy for chronic pain relief is a common treatment option because it’s nonsurgical, doesn’t require recovery time, and won’t affect your daily routine.

Types of Chronic Pain That PT Can Alleviate

Chronic Pain from Daily Activities

From slouching at work to sleeping on bad mattresses, we abuse and overuse our bodies with daily activities. This continuous mistreatment often impacts our muscles, joints, and overall range of motion. Physical therapy can teach proper techniques and implement useful strength training exercises to prevent joint damage and chronic muscle pain. 

Chronic Pain From an Illness 

Did you know significant discomfort may be a tell-tale sign of a serious or even life-threatening condition? If you have inexplicable chronic pain, contact your physician. The diseases listed below are known to cause significant and long-term physical pain.

Chronic Pain from Accidents and Surgery

After you’ve significantly hurt yourself, the last thing you want to do is baby the injury. That’s because starting post-surgical rehabilitation therapy as soon as possible combats chronic pain and helps prevent the buildup of scar tissue as well as reinjury. Accidents happen every day, but chronic pain doesn’t have to be your reality. Speak with a certified physical therapist to learn about post-surgical PT treatment options. 

PT for Chronic Pain Treatment 

You can alleviate your long-term discomfort with a series of therapeutic methods and muscle strengthening exercises. Before we can implement a strategy, you’ll be evaluated for your range of motion, underlying causes/poor habits, and comfort level with different treatment options. After the consultation, your physical therapist will schedule a series of sessions that’ll work to improve your mobility, strength, and posture. 

Depending on your specific needs, chronic pain physical therapy may include hot/cold treatment, cupping, acupuncture, decompression therapy, or massage therapy. To help keep your pain at bay, the exercises and stretches you learn in physical therapy should also be completed at home. When done consistently, these chronic pain treatments will increase the strength of your muscles and work to prevent re-aggravation of your injury. 

Trust the Specialists at OSR Physical Therapy

Although your physician may recommend a physical therapist, it’s important to do your due diligence and find a clinic that’s right for you. OSR Physical Therapists have been a trusted resource to help patients manage their chronic pain for nearly 20 years. Our licensed specialists provide personalized and exceptional care to help restore function and reduce pain. Naturally, reduce your chronic pain with treatment from OSR Physical Therapy. Our staff provides the highest level of hands-on care and diverse treatment options in Anthem, Phoenix, Peoria, Gilbert, Scottsdale, Sun City, Glendale, and Moon Valley, AZ. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.