Physical Therapy Anthem, AZ

OSR Physical Therapy Anthem, AZ is focused on providing one-on-one, expert care to all patients who walk through our door, no matter what condition or symptoms they are facing. Located behind Sonic at the corner of Daisy Mountain Drive and Anthem Way, you will find us ready to get you feeling 100% again. As a patient looking for Anthem physical therapy, you will benefit from our combination of conventional, orthopedic, and functional neuromuscular medical tools.

Our advanced technology and methods allow us develop treatment plans for relieving pain and promoting healing as well as preventing future problems. You can expect a family dynamic at our Anthem physical therapy clinic, which makes coming to PT comfortable and rewarding. Whether you're looking for pain rehabilitation in anthem after an injury or accident, or you're looking for a customized treatment plan for your needs, our team can help.



42235 N. Daisy MTN Dr.

STE 121

Anthem, AZ 85086


Phone: 623-323-6775

We specialize in Dry Needling, Taping, and Fire Cupping, and auto injury in Anthem AZ. Highlighting Fire Cupping, this technique has been around for quite a while as Eastern and Middle Eastern cultures have utilized cupping therapy for thousands of years. As the name suggests, “cupping” involves placing several cups over strategic points on the body. Traditionally, suction was created when the practitioner lit a fire inside the cup to warm it and then placed it on the patient’s skin to cool, but alternative modern versions also exist. The resulting suction redirects circulation, allowing blood and other fluids to flow to areas in need of healing.


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When you visit OSR Physical Therapy in Anthem, expect to receive quality care, expert knowledge, and compassionate customer service. If you are ready to reach your body's optimal state, give us a call and start your rehabilitation today! You can reach us at 623.551.9706 with any questions, or request a free consultation on our website