Physical Therapy Glendale, AZ

Physical Therapy Glendale, AZ

OSR Physical Therapy Glendale, AZ provides excellent outpatient physical therapy to promote recovery and healing for our patients.

You might wonder, what does OSR stand for? Well, our Glendale, AZ physical therapist team specializes in outpatient physical therapy, primarily for Orthopedic and Sports and Rehabilitation concerns, hence the foundation of our name, “OSR”. To be quite honest, our physical therapists successfully treat a wide range of pain concerns, not all of which are related to sports or to surgery. Our doctors evaluate and treat pain related to movement, regardless the cause or the area of the body. Because of our flexibility in treatments, many patients come to see us directly, often prior to seeing a primary care or orthopedic physician.

The clinic director, Nathan Webb, is a sports medicine expert who came all the way from Milwaukee. He has a strong background in spinal manipulation and is dry-needling certified. Nathan enjoys treating a variety of orthopedic and sports related injuries both non-operative and operative. His primary focus in physical therapy is to restore proper joint and soft tissue mobility, alignment and stability for return of function. You can expect to receive professional, personalized care when coming to Nathan’s clinic.

Our team of expert physical therapists will take great care in designing a solution perfect for your rehabilitation. With extensive practical experience, advanced clinical training, and clear communication, our Glendale, AZ physical therapy team will guide you on your path to recovery, all while having fun along the way!

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