OSR Physical Therapy Peoria, AZ is committed to making physical therapy a fun, personalized experience that provides compassionate healing and rehabilitation. Located just north of Lake Pleasant and Happy Valley Road, you can find our Peoria, AZ physical therapist team waiting to help you get back to feeling 100%. Our clinic director and the rest of our staff members will ensure you receive the one-on-one, personalized care you deserve. Our OSR Peoria physical therapists enjoy staying busy treating patients with all types of pain and rehabilitation concerns and work closely with all levels of athletes; from the casual gym member to the “weekend warrior” to the professional level competitor. Our physical therapists have worked with patients ranging in age from 6 years old up through 95 years old. Understanding that no two patients are alike, they enjoy the challenges of the field and work to provide the most effective, individualized care for each patient that walks through their door. At OSR Physical Therapy Peoria, AZ, we specialize in Dry Needling, Fire Cupping, and Taping.  You might question the use of needles in therapy, but don't worry! Dry Needling can be a very effective medical treatment, which uses a very thin needle to achieve its function. This is not the same as acupuncture, an aspect of traditional Chinese medicine, which is based on the metaphysical theory of normalizing energy flow in the body. Dry Needling helps to resolve pain and muscle tension, which will promote healing, flexibility, and strength. Additionally, needling increases blood flow to injured tissue and helps to remodel painful scar tissue. To get started with your physical therapy journey, call our office today! You can reach us at 623.412.2117 to schedule or request a free consultation.