Physical Therapy Scottsdale, AZ

OSR Physical Therapy in Scottsdale, AZ is proud to serve our community. Our physical therapists are committed to providing an exceptional experience that promotes healing and recovery in a warm & compassionate environment. OSR's Physical Therapy clinic in Scottsdale is located just south of Kierland Commons in the Scottsdale Towne Square Shopping Mall. We are on the northwest corner of Scottsdale and Thunderbird road located next to The Rooster Tavern, RA Sushi Bar Restaurant and in the same building as Arizona Leather Interiors and Hush Public House.


14202 N Scottsdale Road

Suite 169

Scottsdale, AZ 85254

Phone Number

Phone: 480-750-7887


Our new clinic location in Scottsdale, AZ provides a more centralized city site for our patients, as well as abundant parking, and a 1st-floor layout. We are so happy to provide these upgrades to our patients, and hope you will be able to stop by to check out the new space and say hello!

Outpatient Physical Therapy Treatments

Our physical therapists in Scottsdale, AZ specialize in outpatient physical therapy, primarily for Orthopedic, Sports, and Rehabilitation concerns - hence our name, “OSR.” Our doctors evaluate and treat pain related to movement, no matter the cause or the area of the body that has been affected.

Our Physical Therapists Specialize in Treating:

Caring for your body is essential to living a happy and healthy life. Whether you’re recovering from an injury or not, physical therapy can keep you feeling great. At OSR Physical Therapy, we’re dedicated to providing our clients with expert physical therapy. Our Scottsdale physical therapy clinic offers a range of treatments for:

OSR's Outpatient Physical & Rehab Therapy Treatments Include:

At our Scottsdale physical therapy clinic, we offer a variety of treatments to help you reduce pain and gain mobility. Our Scottsdale physical therapists are able to provide:

  • Dry Needling
  • Fire Cupping
  • Soft Tissue Mobilization
  • Geriatric Physical Therapy
  • Return to Sports
  • Ultrasound
  • Electrical Muscle Stimulation
  • Kinesio Taping
  • Trigger Point Therapy (Myofascial Release)
  • Joint Mobilization
  • Vestibular Therapy (BPPV)
  • Neuromobilization
  • McConnell Taping
  • Youth Sports Performance
  • Total Joint Replacement
  • Peripheral Neuropathy
  • Neuromuscular Re-education
  • Muscle Conditioning
  • Torticollis (Adults)
  • Osteoporosis
  • Post-Operative Therapy
  • Functional Training
  • Mechanical Traction

Seek Treatment From The Best Physical Therapists in Scottsdale Today

We invite you to schedule an appointment at OSR Physical Therapy and come in for a consultation! Through experience, advanced clinical training, and clear communication, our highly-trained physical therapy team will put you on the road to recovery.