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OSR Glendale Is Now Open!

Jan26th 2017

Our New Glendale Clinic is Open!

We are proud to announce the opening of the seventh OSR Physical Therapy clinic, located in a brand new LA Fitness facility in Glendale. Our mission is to make a positive impact on every patient who walks through the door, and Glendale is built upon the same foundation. How do we live this out? By providing the highest level of physical therapy care in a welcoming and energetic environment.

Through Physical Therapy, patients can:

Restore Function Following Surgery – Physical therapy is a vital stage of recovery after surgery. Not only can physical therapy promote healing and shorten the overall recovery time, it can also help patients regain their mobility. When people experience an injury, they often avoid using that part of their body. This is especially true when recovering from surgery. Physical therapy helps patients strengthen those muscles again and regain range of motion. Our physical therapists help people get ready to go back to work too. During physical therapy sessions, we can work with patients to recondition them so they are physically ready to meet their job requirements.

Prevent Injuries by Improving Balance and Strength – As we age, one of the most dangerous impacts is a loss of balance, which can cause falls and subsequent broken bones. These fractures are difficult to recover from, and can permanently impact mobility. The team at OSR works with each patient to create a program of stretches and exercises to build strength and balance, decreasing the risk of falls. Meet Training Goals Through Personalized Exercise Programs. Physical therapy is a great place to improve your personal record and train in a way that reduces the risk of injury. Athletes ask a lot of their body, and if movement mechanics are off or there is muscle weakness, the body can overcompensate for this weaknesses and injury may occur. Our team is experienced in working with people who have specific fitness goals in mind, and can assess possible weak areas and create programs to help you reach your goals.

Enhance Quality of Life Through Overall Fitness – At OSR Physical Therapy, we don’t just help people recover from an injury. We want to make sure you stay safe in the first place! Through preventative efforts, our team can help minimize the risk of future injuries and lower the risk of developing a disease associated with a sedentary lifestyle. Our expert physical therapists create plans to help patients build strength, endurance, flexibility, and agility. OSR is also home to several physical therapists who specialize in sports medicine. So, whether you are an athlete in training or someone who plays sports for fun, we can help build your overall fitness to improve your game and keep you moving.

And More! – OSR Physical Therapy is dedicated to overall wellness in our community. We support local high schools, do community outreach events, and even help our local heroes minimize risk of injury on the job. We also offer a number of services to reduce pain and promote relaxation. These are just a few pillars of what OSR Physical Therapy stands for and does each and every day. For a full list of services, click here.

We recognize that you have a choice when it comes to physical therapy, and we thank you for continuing to choose OSR. It is because of your valuable support that we are able to continue to grow, and celebrate a bright future in exceptional patient care. Stay tuned for more information on our newest location’s grand opening celebration!