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Rodger Stuart

Rodger Stuart, PTA

Rodger moved to Arizona in the summer of 2012 from the Bay Area in Northern California.  He lived there for 14 years and was originally born and raised in and around Yosemite National Park.  In his earlier years he attended Chico State University in California and Utah State University where his studies focused on business and physical education.

Rodger decided to make a career change and leave the business and sales world behind to pursue a career in healthcare.  He was looking for that perfect match of being active, technical, and the satisfaction of watching individuals progress and grow.  In 2015 Rodger began his new adventure by enrolling in the PTA program at Pima Medical Institute where he received high marks, perfect attendance, and eventually an Associate’s Degree in Occupational Science in 2017.

Rodger brings to the OSR family the ability to build and maintain relationships while providing treatment full of enthusiasm, knowledge, and compassion.  Clinical experience includes working in various settings from orthopedic to neurological with a strong focus on creative and functional patient care.

During his spare time Rodger enjoys being a foodie and travelling with his wife Tram.  Rodger also appreciates the time spent with family, friends, and his dog Charlie.  Other interests include: exercising, hiking, going to sporting events, watching movies, live music, spicy foods, and basketball.