Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine

At OSR Physical Therapy, our team of physical therapists specializes in sports medicine programs that focus on prevention of injury, treatment of sprains and strains, rehabilitation from surgical procedures, and performance enhancement.

Our physical therapists work with professional, amateur, and recreational athletes to create programs that are customized to a patient’s specific sport and performance goals.

The needs and goals of individual patients will determine their program. If a patient is already at optimal fitness and does not need to recover from an injury, our physical therapists can work with them to develop an exercise program that focuses on building strength, endurance, and agility. No matter the sport, our team of physical therapists can help improve performance – runners, weight lifters, tennis players, golfers, or any other sport!

For those patients who are recovering from an injury or surgery but wish to remain active, our sports medicine programs are extremely beneficial. Our physical therapists will work with patients on rehabilitation exercises that will not only help them heal and recover, but also prepare them to participate in their sport again while focusing on range-of-motion, flexibility, strength building, and reducing risk of re-injury.

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