Recover From an Accident With Physical Therapy

Woman with leg injury being treated with physical therapy Jan6th 2022

Each year, millions of Americans are involved in unfortunate events that impact their physical strength and overall well being. If you’ve suffered a personal injury and are recovering from a sports-related incident, car accident, or surgery, physical rehab can help! Seeking treatment as soon as you begin to feel discomfort in your body is the best and most effective way to fast track recovery. Reduce your pain and strengthen your aching muscles with OSR Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy After a Car Accident

Head, neck, and back injuries are among the most common ailments of auto accidents. Although they may not show up for several days (or weeks) after your accident, these injuries shouldn’t be taken lightly. 

Common car accident injuries include:

  • Whiplash 
  • Head injury
  • Herniated disk
  • Concussion
  • Shoulder pain
  • Back pain

Recovery solutions for a car accident include:

  • Manual manipulation 
  • Aquatic therapy
  • Massage therapy
  • Ice cold therapy
  • Targeted stretching


Physical therapy after a car collision can help you regain range of motion, flexibility, and prevent reinjury. 

Physical Therapy After a Sports-Related Injury

Pain caused by physical activity can be severe, which makes proper recovery much more significant. Weight lifting, running, and other athletic activities can be avoided with proper warmups, strength training, and the use of correct equipment. If you’ve suffered an injury that hasn’t healed after several weeks, talk to your physician for professional advice. 

Common sports injuries include:

  • Knee injuries
  • Dislocation
  • Pulled muscles
  • Shin splints
  • Fractures
  • Rotator cuff injury 

Recovery solutions for a sports injury include:

  • Manual therapy
  • Strength exercises 
  • Massage therapy

As with all treatments done at OSR, we tailor our solutions to your specific injury, strength, and comfort level. No matter your ailment, we aim to help you return to the activities you love.

Post Operative Physical Therapy 

Regaining the strength and function of your muscles after an operation is a lengthy and complex process. Your body will need to relearn how to do basic functions before mobility and strength training can happen. 

Benefits for post-surgical rehabilitation include:

  • Decreased scar tissue
  • Faster recovery
  • Improved function and stability
  • Involvement in your treatment plan


Return to your pre-injury level of fitness with a series of progressive exercises that will help achieve your post-op goals. 

Physical Therapy After a Work-Related Injury

Being injured at work may cause stress and impact your job performance. OSR’s Work Hardening and Work Conditioning programs are designed to prevent, recover from, and minimize the risk of reinjury. 

Work-related injuries are typically caused by:

  • Slips and falls
  • Hit by machinery
  • Joint overexertion
  • Repetitive motions

Recovery solutions for a sports injury include:

  • Therapeutic exercises
  • Body mechanics
  • Manual therapy
  • Modalities

If you need physical therapy for a work-related injury, OSR can help. We’ll assess your current function and create a comprehensive treatment plan to help you recover quickly and safely. 

Benefits of Physical Therapy After an Accident

Physical pain can make you feel helpless, but our certified staff is available to help. The experts at OSR Physical Therapy are dedicated to providing the highest quality of patient care. After an accident, surgery,  or sports-related injury, millions of people turn to physical therapy for recovery. Get expert care from a team of qualified therapists who care. Schedule a free evaluation at OSR Physical Therapy for quality rehabilitation through personalized care.