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Stay Smart: Commit To Your PT Plan!

Dec27th 2016

The end of the year is rapidly approaching, which means it’s time to create resolutions for the New Year!

It’s natural to want to lose weight, quit smoking, or start a new hobby, but the team at OSR Physical Therapy wants to help patients commit to a different resolution. It should go without saying, but there are a number of health benefits that come from staying consistent with a physical therapy regimen. Therefore, it’s imperative patients see their PT program through until the end.

For 2017, we encourage patients to stay smart and commit to their OSR PT plan! Why? Because even taking a week or two off from physical therapy can impede progress and hinder a patient from reaching his or her goals. Physical therapy can be tough, but giving up is not the answer! Instead, consider the positive components of your plan. Below is a list of reasons why it’s important to stay dedicated to your PT program:

1. It’s Cost Effective

Physical therapy is a cost-effective treatment option for patients wanting to manage their condition without having to undergo surgery. While surgery and prescription medications may be the best course of action for patients with severe ailments, physical therapy is said to be an effective treatment option for patients with mild or moderate conditions. Moreover, it cost’s less than most minimally invasive procedures and medications.

2. It’s Evidence-Based Health Care

Various studies have proven the efficacy of physical therapy, making it a leading evidence-based health care choice for many patients. According to The New England Journal of Medicine, there was no significant difference between individuals who received surgery and those who received physical therapy for their mild meniscal tears and moderate knee osteoarthritis. Other studies have found physical therapy is highly effective for rotator cuff tears, spinal stenosis, and other degenerative conditions.

3. It Improves Mobility and Relieves Pain

The most obvious point has to be this: physical therapy improves mobility and relieves pain. It also allows patients to participate in a recovery plan that’s designed for their specific needs. In the end, patients improve their symptoms and quality of life after completing their physical therapy regimen!