We understand there are many options to choose from when it comes to physical therapy. However, OSR Physical Therapy in Phoenix, AZ is the leading choice for one-on-one, outpatient physical therapy in Arizona. Our North Phoenix team is known for their life-changing results and they are eager to help heal the Phoenix community. We are committed to providing every patient with an exceptional experience that promotes healing and recovery in a safe, compassionate, and above all fun environment. We want our patients to have fun at therapy while experiencing major improvements in their health.

Physical Therapy Treatment in North Phoenix, AZ

Our team is carefully selected and each member is highly skilled, trained, and certified.  Our expert physical therapists provide expertise in diagnosing and treating a wide range of conditions. We offer a variety of services to assist our patients, ranging from something as general as running injuries to specific treatments like Dry Needling, your physical therapist will get to the bottom of your issue and resolve it! There is no need to suffer from pain when physical therapy can help eliminate your pain without drugs or side effects. Together, our therapists provide exceptional personal care and ensure that the clinic runs smoothly while helping our patients return to the activities they love. OSR Physical Therapy Phoenix, AZ is located inside the Mountainside Fitness Center at Carefree Highway and North 27th Drive. At this clinic, our physical therapist team specializes in Dry Needling, Taping, Fire Cupping, and ASTYM. You can reach us at 623.434.4655 to schedule or request a free consultation.