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Acupuncture treatment vs dry needling treatment May3rd 2021

Dry Needling vs. Acupuncture: What’s the Difference?

Are you feeling neck, shoulder, knee, or some other kind of pain? Have you heard of therapies such as dry needling or acupuncture that treat such pains? You’ve likely heard of at least one of these practices, but how much about them do you actually know? Depending on the type of pain you feel, one

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Common causes of neck pain Apr5th 2021

Finding Neck & Shoulder Pain Relief

Beyond the way it feels, neck and shoulder pain can keep you from your daily life. You may lose sleep at night, avoid activities that once brought you joy, or overall feel unpleasant and miserable. It can be stressful trying to manage neck or shoulder pain on your own. From not knowing the cause to

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Treating back pain without surgery Mar2nd 2021

How to Treat Back Pain Without Surgery

Back pain is one of the most common problems people struggle with daily. From misalignment to ligament strain, many conditions link to back pain. And although surgery can treat certain back pain conditions, many find this route too expensive or unnecessary. In fact, in most cases, physical therapy is the better option for back pain

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