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Treating back pain without surgery Mar2nd 2021

How to Treat Back Pain Without Surgery

Back pain is one of the most common problems people struggle with daily. From misalignment to ligament strain, many conditions link to back pain. And although surgery can treat certain back pain conditions, many find this route too expensive or unnecessary. In fact, in most cases, physical therapy is the better option for back pain

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Feb4th 2021

Experience the Benefits of Hiking—the Right Way

Follow OSR Physical Therapy’s guide for healthier hiking.   The Physical, Social, & Mental Benefits of Hiking Whether you’re trekking across mountainous terrain, beaten-down forest trails, or prairie walks: hiking helps you live a better life in all sorts of ways. OSR Physical Therapy has highlighted some of the best benefits for boosting your body,

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Physical Therapy at OSR in Arizona Jan7th 2021

What is ASTYM?

What is ASTYM? If you’ve been hearing about this new form of therapy, but are still uncertain as to what is ASTYM exactly: it’s a form of noninvasive therapy that acts as ‘a stimulation’ to promote your body’s natural healing process. By generating soft tissue in your afflicted areas, your ASTYM treatment works to eliminate

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