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arm across shoulder exercise May2nd 2022

Simple 3 Exercise Home Workout to Heal Your Shoulder Injury

Shoulder injuries are never fun—and anyone can get them. Whether you are pitching a baseball or sitting at your work desk, you are susceptible to a shoulder injury. Yes, you read that right—you can injure your shoulder in your cubicle. Shoulder injuries are among the most common injuries amongst adults, with rotator cuff tears affecting

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Female Rubbing Back of Neck in Office Apr4th 2022

How to Fix a Stiff Neck

If you suffer from chronic or acute neck pain, you know how debilitating it can be. Chronic pain causes constant discomfort and impacts your ability to complete daily tasks. The good news: you don’t have to suffer any longer. Actions as simple as stretching your neck and breaking bad habits can provide lasting relief.  To

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Man with muscle strain in low back and neck Mar4th 2022

The Complete Guide to Muscle Strains and How To Treat Them

A muscle strain can be very painful and debilitating. Understanding the cause of muscle strains, what the treatment is and how to prevent them from happening again is important. This guide from the team at OSR Physical Therapy will help you go from amateur to pro in no time. Common Causes of Muscle Strains Check

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