The Benefits Of Drinking Water For Physical Therapy

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How Hydration Helps Physical Therapy

With so many sports drinks out on the market, OSR Physical Therapy wants to set the record straight—nothing is better than water for staying hydrated during your physical therapy appointment.

Water makes up 60% of your body, but you lose some whenever you go to the bathroom, eat, breathe, sweat, or just stand around: it evaporates from your skin constantly.

Stay hydrated in order to replenish your muscles, blood, organs, bodily fluids, and cells so your health systems can function properly. Read on for more benefits of drinking water, especially if you’re in physical therapy.

Promotes Healing

If you’re not healing well after an injury, it could be because you’re dehydrated. Water oxygenates your body’s vital systems, removes damaged cells, and energizes your tissue. Maintaining sufficient water levels will maximize the effectiveness of your physical therapy treatment.

Prevents Stiffness

Water will also help with muscle soreness, cramping, and sprains. This is because proper hydration will keep your joints lubricated and your muscle consistency soft and elastic. This will prevent further cramping so you can stay on the path to recovery.

Flushes Waste

Your body releases metabolic waste through your circulatory system that contributes to the muscular tightness you may be seeing OSR Therapy for. When you don’t stay hydrated, the waste constricts your blood flow. Drink more fluids to prevent muscle soreness and allow your body to flush out toxins through your kidney, sweat glands, pores, digestive system, or when you go to the bathroom.

Benefits Immune System

Another one of the benefits of drinking water is that it boosts your immune system. The fluid helps remove waste, transport nutrients to cells, regulate your body temperature, balance your pH levels, and more. You can feel the difference when you’re hydrated and healthy compared to when you aren’t getting in enough water.

How To Stay Hydrated For Your Next Physical Therapy Appointment

Now that we’ve covered the benefits of drinking water, here are some tips from OSR physical therapists for maintaining your necessary water intake levels to get the most out of our physical therapy sessions.

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Before PT

The amount of hydration your body requires depends on how much physical activity you’ve done, the type of PT workout you’ve accomplished, what you’ve eaten, and even how the weather has affected you. You get out what you put in, so be sure you’ve had enough water throughout the day prior to your physical therapy session, and a little bit 10 to 15 minutes before too.

Investing in a water filter for your home’s sink and purchasing a glass, metal, or BPA-free plastic water bottle should make it easier for you to drink more often. Try to keep track of how much water you’ve been drinking so you know if you’re getting the recommended 8 cups of water a day.

During PT

You should drink water during the rest periods of your PT and break as needed for hydration: setting alarms may help with this. Avoid drinking too much water at once during this time so you don’t feel sick. If you have trouble feeling motivated to keeping hydrated at this time, we have some more advice that could help.

Every once in a while, swap your water for unsweetened green or herbal teas or infuse it with your favorite fruit combinations. Great, refreshing flavors should keep you reaching for another sip! Don’t drink soda, fruit juice, or any overly-sweetened beverages if you can help it; this actually dehydrates you and may prevent you from reaching your physical therapy goals.

After PT

When the OSR Therapists stretch and massage your soft tissue, your body’s regular fluid buildup release is accelerated. This leaves your body with less fluid than it is able to replenish. This is why it’s really important to drink plenty of water following your session with us. It will help you decrease your risk of bruising and cramping.

If your soft tissue is lacking in hydration, then you might also experience soreness in your muscles and joints. So long as you stay hydrated, you can reap the benefits of drinking water to speed up your PT recovery process and promote a healthy body.

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